Mental health disorders have reached epidemic proportions in our culture, together with young people aged 15-24 with the maximum rate of mental health incidents, and also very low self-esteem is a massive contributor. Body image has an immediate effect on self-esteem – should you hate the human system, it affects you physically, emotionally, and psychologically.As a societywe have been socialized to put”attractiveness” (as characterized by the press ) among one of our greatest priorities. And we’ve been perfectionists, not feeling really great enough, having to shed an increasing number of weight, even though it means starving throwing or ourselves foods up, raising our breast size or our lip gloss dimensions, or even changing the whole structure of our own face.Focusing with this ever-growing societal issue of non self-esteem that affects a lot people, Dove movement is planning to encourage social change by using their Campaign For Real Beauty. The effort aims to dispel the myths of”falsely generated beauty” via using airbrushing in advertisements and to make a cultural offset impact of their unrealistic expectations that the press has established for women and girls. While we have a very long way to become a society at undoing the harm which the picture of the”perfect woman” is now createdthis effort is a superb beginning to shifting the management of our faith!