5 Simple Hacks on How to Improve Salon Business

Growing your hair salon is no easy task. Much like other businesses, it takes years and a lot of sweat before you can really see any signs of success. However, there are simple hacks you can do today that will help you get to the next level and overtake your competition.

There are many proven strategies that discuss how to improve salon business or any company, but it boils down to two important concepts.

First is providing the products or services that that offers the best value to the customer. You don’t always have to sell them the cheapest hair salon services to win their hearts.

Second, is to maintain a good relationship with your customer. Being genuinely concerned with how you can help improve their appearance is the best way for them to keep coming back.

With that said, below are five simple hacks that salon business owners need to do in order to achieve success:

1. Invest in Your Staff

The people working for you can either be an asset or a liability, depending on how you treat them. Empower your staff with words of encouragement and praise them if they did a good job. Invest your time and resource on training them to be better at their craft. Motivate them by making them realize the difference they make in the lives of their clients. After all, a trip to a salon can lift up a person’s mood, improve their image and boost their confidence after getting a treatment or a new haircut.

2. Keep your Salon Clean and Smelling Good

Keeping your salon clean and smelling good can leave a lasting impression on your first time and returning customers. The biggest hair salon chains in the country do their housekeeping very seriously and on a regular basis. Don’t make excuses that your employees are too busy or your salon is understaffed. Instead, delegate the responsibility among your staff and work out a schedule that is fair for everyone.

3. Hear Out Your Client’s Feedback

Getting your customer’s feedback and suggestions are very valuable if you want to stay relevant to them. The problem, though, is that some clients don’t want to voice out their opinion openly. Hence, you can start a small contest, such as rewarding the customer with the best feedback or suggestion with a discount coupon or a free spa treatment. In the end, that tiny investment can help you make positive changes and keep your customers satisfied.

4. Explore New Clients

One reason you may is not getting more customers is that your salon is only attracting one or two customer group. While women are the biggest salon-goers, don’t forget that men and children are also your potential clientele. Perhaps you can offer services that are specifically made for this demographic such as the newest treatment for men or the latest haircut for tykes. As always, do your market research first and test it out first before implementing these changes in your salon.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Upsell

Aside from the usual treatments and services, hair salons also make money by selling beauty products. You can teach your staff to upsell these products especially if the customer is interested in them. Create a short pitch that is not just catchy, but also resonates with the client’s needs. Also, you can research on the latest products and services to keep up with what’s new in the styling industry.
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