Functional gains are momentary. In the current world, what one item provides is readily replicated.

To distinguish Dove and construct its attractiveness credentials at a cluttered class, we thought there was an chance to push past the concrete, and hit customers via a purpose-driven effort, which could resonate with customers now and protected Dove’s customers of tomorrow.


How is it possible for us to emotionally engage girls in our goal to construct and solidify brand loyalty using the current customer and the following generation of Dove consumers?

The Dove manufacturer has been proven to present pure, easy and honest care solutions.

Consumer research in the time revealed that just 2% of girls around the world described themselves as amazing.

Taking into consideration the new equity, Dove has been at a special and authentic place to assist women feel beautiful in their terms and found its own goal: to help extend the definition of attractiveness.

The Campaign for Real Beauty was produced to make girls feel great about themselves and boost their self-esteem — a goal that could resonate with women. Specifically we thought the”Experienced Mother” Lifestageā„¢ (girls with daughter between the ages of 8-12) who have been worried about not just their self-esteem however the self-esteem of the kid’s, are interested in supporting their efforts and finally being advocates for your new.

Harbinger created an activation stage which adapting strategic elements to the strategic strategy. Tactics such as:

Since the beginning of the Campaign for Real Beauty,” we’ve noticed a substantial positive change in brand awareness. We also have seen a rise from 2 percent to 4 percent of girls internationally who describe themselves as amazing! Dove is viewed both as a pioneer in the healthcare business, in addition to a pioneer in the actual Beauty dialog.